Just a sample of the many diverse industries and clientele we’ve received.


Adrian Villar Rojas
Do Ho Suh
Tom Otterness
Kiki Smith
Matthew Day Jackson
Paula Hayes
Ugo Rondinone
Arlene Shechet
Evan Penny
Rachel Feinstein
Maya Lin
Seward Johnson
Robert Taplin
Studio Dror
Sandra Skoglund
Hala Schoukair
Will Ryman
Martin Puryear
Enoc Perez
John Newman
Urs Fischer
Antonio Tobias Mendez
Michael Joo
Isolated Labs
William Delvoy
Frank Benson
Donald Baechler
Alice Aycock
Kathy Ruttenberg
Gordon Gund

Architects, Designers, Museums

PRG Worldwide
Madison Square Park
Hudson Furniture
New York Public Art
Rockwell Design
Friends of the Highline
The TAO Group
Hughes Umbanhower
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Princeton University Museum
Peabody Museum
University of Penn Museum
Houston Museum
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Madison Square Park
New York Public Art
Friends of the Highline


Jim Henson Company
Crozier Fine Arts
Sony Pictures
American Standard
Hudson Scenic
Hyde Park Mouldings
Bancroft Construction
Jack Morton Exhibits
Provost Displays


Aeon Preservation technologies


Seal Reinforced Fiberglass
Mimic 3D
Polich Tallix Foundry
Direct Dimensions
Bollinger Atelier
Colbar Arts
Seward Johnson Atelier
KC Fabrications
A.R.T Research


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